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Wild West Modern American Furniture

   |   By Danny Lopez

Outside our New Mexico woodshop, stand three fifteen-foot high solar kilns filled with freshly cut pine, spruce, and cottonwood. Faint notes of cinnamon fill the air, a fragrance produced when sap is heated by the sun. Harvested from nearby forests in the north, the wood will remain in these kilns for several months before moving indoors where it will be formed into beautiful tables, stools, benches, and chairs.

Wood Drying in Kilns

In the shop, these pieces of timber will be measured, sawed, sanded, and carved by our talented craftsmen to bring our eye-catching designs to life. A thin layer of sawdust covers the floor and a few pieces lie in wait to undergo their transformations. They will journey to their final destinations in private homes, hotels, and corporate offices throughout the world. 

Pfeifer Studio Workshop

Our work spaces are simple by design, allowing our woodworkers ample room for movement and creativity. High ceilings and large garage doors offer abundant light and air as raw materials become magnificent creations. The atmosphere is almost meditative, with rich smells and textures accompanied by sounds of humming machines and traditional hand tools being used. 

Taos Hand Carved Bench

The Taos Wood Bench epitomizes the union of contemporary with traditional that happens in our workshop. A timeless piece rooted in history, the perfect proportions of this Spanish craftsman wood bench are formed by a substantial top supported by angled legs. These lines are beautifully enhanced along the edges with a handcrafted traditional Southwest Spanish scalloping technique found in old churches and on traditional furniture. 

Peeling a Pine Log

Outside, one of our craftsmen uses a peeler to roughly dress a piece of cut pine, rhythmically gliding back and forth making small indentions as shavings fall to the floor. This log of wood is slowly taking a more textured rustic appearance. Basic hand tools such as the adze, chisel, and draw knife, have been used for centuries by New Mexican woodworkers, sometimes due to their small villages not having innovative tools and resources such as sawmills or lathes. This has resulted in a rich tradition of simple yet exquisitely crafted furniture full of the character and detailing born from the unmistakable mark of an artisan's hand.

Lacquered Log Tables

What will emerge will be a stunning trio of wood log tables that we refer to as the Lacquered Log Tables, part of our popular Wild West American Made Collection. In a lustrous midnight-black stain, this striking creation can double as the perfect moveable stool or an elegant cocktail table and is a great example of how we employ old skills and methods to create modern and functional pieces of furniture with a distinctive pedigree.

Measuring a Pine Log

Another notable piece from this collection that embodies our commitment to fine craftsmanship and traditional furniture making, is our set of Santa Fe Solid Nesting Logs. The pine on this set of wood nesting tables comes to us deep from the forests of Northern New Mexico. 

Santa Fe Nesting Logs

Shaped by hand, these nested logs exude rough beauty and style while conveying a contemporary aesthetic. They're a lovely addition to any space and reflect our mission to create handcrafted, artisanal furnishings that pay homage to the long and rich history of furniture making in New Mexico while maintaining the highest quality and style

Sanding a Pine Bench

All of our creations are labors of love and from the time the designs are dreamed of until the final finish is applied, only the greatest care and attention is paid. Our master woodworkers pour their hearts and souls into each piece knowing that with every turn of the lathe and every notch and groove made, they are honoring the traditions and artistry of the masters before them. We are now honored to offer you these exquisite works directly from our hands to yours. 

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