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Sculptural Turned Wood

   |   By Michele Cernosia

Djembe Side Table

Djembe Side Table - shown in Light Walnut

True style resides at the intersection of art and design. When we embark on the creation of a new piece for our exclusive collection of Turned Wood Tables, we view it with an artist’s perspective, a marrying of architecture, sculpture, and furniture. It’s a matter of exacting degrees and dimension, of balancing proportions and scale.

The Table of Silence

Constantin Brancusi - The Table of Silence - Targu-Jiu, Romania- 1938

Our design aesthetic expands on the Modern Art heritage of the 20th Century which experimented with incorporating fresh ideas about the nature of materials and the functions of art. It characterized a new way of seeing: a tendency toward abstraction, the depiction of movement and machine age imagery, a fascination with primitive art, and the introduction of different textures and surfaces.

The Endless Column

Constantin Brancusi - The Endless Column  - Targu-Jiu, Romania- 1938

Artists such as Constantin Brâncuși distilled subjects down to their essences utilizing a vocabulary of reduction and abstraction. By the mid-century, Abstract Expressionism, Geometric Abstraction, and Minimalism, which reduces sculpture to its most essential and fundamental features, predominated. Paring objects down to their simplest and purest form increased their impact and meaning. These forms infuse interiors with an intriguing mix of movement and the evocative elements of life and nature.

Finishing Turned Wood Tables

Finishing sculptural tables at our workshop in New Mexico

Turning Wood Tables

Turning wood on a lathe at our workshop in New Mexico

Turning wood on a lathe is a dance of motion and symmetry. To watch the chips of material being removed as the lathe rotates the wood is to understand exactly what Michelangelo meant when he said that he didn’t sculpt his statutes, he merely freed them from the surrounding stone. An example of this attention to artistry is evident on our modern clover shaped wooden table

It’s the receding and protruding angles creating the positive and negative spaces that make these pieces so intriguing and compelling. The individual peculiarities present opportunities to let the hand of nature as well as the hand and eye of the artist transform a block of wood into a work of art. 

Paolo Stool Table

Paolo Stool Table - shown in Forest Green

Natural materials possess inherent properties that propel our designs to elevated heights. Our goal is not to bend nature to our designs but to marry the nature of the material with our vision and the skills of the artisan producing each individual piece - to create something unique and special. These challenges force both us, as designers, as well as our artisans to think creatively and go beyond the formulaic manufacturing techniques of more basic, mass produced products when creating these modern wood end tables and stools.

All of this meaning and effort creates a design language that carries on a prestigious tradition of which we are proud to be a part, and delighted to share with fellow connoisseurs of timeless style through our sculptural turned solid wood table designs.

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