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Art Jumps Off the Wall Onto Our Hand Painted Tables

Posted by Michele Cernosia on

Artistry in its many forms is a driving force behind our design sensibility. We create furniture as art and our collection of hand painted tables has become the most literal interpretation of that direction. Influenced by 20th century art, the abstract expressionist movement, and the implementation of creativity in new and contemporary forms and materials, these pieces infuse the aesthetics of modern art into interiors in a new way and have proven to be a fresh direction that is rich in color, movement, and inspiration.

From modern art influences to interpretations of our New Mexico terrain, this graphic and free-flowing color-play creatively enlivens stylish spaces. Injecting a painterly aesthetic into our natural wood tables, we were intrigued with the idea of enveloping simple organic structures in strong hues and vibrant patterns. Fusing robust natural structures with the free-wheeling lightness of abstract expression creates an energy and vitality that's compelling and unexpected - and these pieces have a powerful design sensibility that is irresistible.

Pieces like our abstract art side table juxtapose color and surface in a variety of forms with jagged flashes of hue giving the impression that one layer of color has been torn off, revealing the shades underneath. This technique recalls natural forms at their most intense and mysterious, lending poetic richness and depth.

In the striking black and white side table shown above, the beauty and simplicity of black and white and the emotional power of each brush stroke breaks down representative forms into quick, rudimentary movements, with the monochrome palette depicting negative and positive space. This artistry brings in intensity and meaning, enhancing and contrasting with nature at its most ruggedly solid.

Each piece is individually painted in an artist's studio using traditional methods. With precision and care, human creativity is unleashed upon a usable surface of locally harvested Ponderosa Pine, evoking mood and movement on an unexpected material and bringing the art experience onto a dynamic in-the-round canvas. Keeping the wood grain on the top surfaces natural is a striking design juxtaposition and a reminder of the material that lies beneath.

The dimensional beauty of our hand painted tables adds artistic presence to contemporary and traditional interiors, imparting whimsical movement and color to solidly sturdy organic forms. They represent the potent impact of modernism and contemporary art at its most functional, and marry art and design in the newest most innovative and unique way.

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