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Modern Exterior Furniture - Take it Outside

   |   By Michele Cernosia

Our designer exterior furniture is as sculptural, dramatic, and striking as indoor pieces, while durable enough to withstand the elements.

Xeno Outdoor Occasional Table

Soak up nature without compromising on style by surrounding yourself with inspired design indoors and out. Our designer exterior furniture is as sculptural, dramatic, and striking as indoor pieces, while durable enough to withstand the elements. Beautiful, functional designs are fabricated in carefully chosen solid hardwoods, before being sealed in water resistant finishes. The result is that each stunning, hand crafted piece is quite literally a natural – tailor-made for outdoor living – with longevity and style enhanced by the attention brought to every design and construction detail.

Hugo Cocktail Table


We build with the most durable, weather resistant woods, choosing varieties that naturally withstand the elements. Spanish Cedar, a Latin-American timber, Tropical Margosa, an Indian Mahogany, and Douglas Fir, native to the Pacific Northwest, are among the species we turn to for their mix of beauty and strength.  

Each distinctive species soaks up rich natural wood stains and saturated color hues to highlight angles and contours with subdued elegance, developing a unique intriguing flavor that adds impact and personality to outdoor spaces.

Water resistant sealers are applied by hand


Our finishes are carefully applied by hand in specially formulated wood sealers created for exposure to sunlight, water and temperature changes. Design details including heritage motifs, sculptural and natural forms, and linear lines and angles distinguish the collection, while knots, graining, and separations inherent to the wood impart added character. Ensuring long-lasting style and ease of use whatever the surroundings, these pieces cultivate an organic sophisticated vibe.

Built with care – hand carved, or turned on a lathe by our expert artisans, our freshest outdoor designs outfit large commercial and hospitality expanses as well as more intimate residential spaces. Singular and unique, from the rugged to the sleek, these modern classics elevate outdoor lounging and dining beyond the ordinary. They go the distance so you can sit back, relax, and breathe in nature surrounded by great design in the great outdoors.

Design details including heritage motifs, sculptural and natural forms, and linear lines and angles distinguish the collection, while knots, graining, and separations inherent to the wood impart added character. 

Water resistant wood finishes provide protection from the elements


Our exterior designs will last for many seasons without extensive maintenance when placed in covered areas away from rain and direct sunlight. 

They are also suitable for use under full sun and weather exposure, however the organic nature of solid wood may mean that they will require more care. Extreme temperatures and moisture can degrade finishes over time and when left to the elements, and depending on weather conditions, re-application of finishes over multiple seasons may be required to preserve their quality.

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